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Social Media Marketing

Location: Frontier Middle School - Session 1 & Session 2

Social Media is changing the way business is done around the world.  The intention of this course is to broaden your perspective and train you to approach Social Media Marketing (SMM) from a communication strategist's standpoint.  The emphasis of this course is to understand the audience's social interactions, examine the various social media channels available to marketers, learn how to build social media strategies, and practice how to track their effectiveness. Social Media Marketing will guide students in evaluating and the selection of tools to gather and monitor business information and apply strategies to consolidate and manage information streams. Students will create and manage a simulated public online presence using appropriate social media platforms and networks. Students will compare and contract ethical, legal and copyright issues related to social media content and use. Students will plan and create a social media marketing plan for a small business or non-profit organization. Students will research and evaluate emerging social media technologies and processes and identify appropriate application of social media in contemporary organizational situations.

Credit: .5 CTE/Elective