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Advanced Manufacturing - Machining

Grade Level: 11, 12

Dates: Year-long program

Location: Onsite

Credit: 4.5 per year (1.5 per trimester)

Prerequisites: None - STEM related courses recommended

Program Description: The Advanced Manufacturing - Machining program is designed to teach hands-on skills, processes and technologies used in the aerospace and manufacturing industry. Students will learn technical sketching, precision measurement, computer-aided design/programming, fabrication/assembly, and computer-aided manufacturing.

This program is designed as year one of a two-year program. Second year option - Advanced Manufacturing - Composites or Advanced Manufacturing - Mechatronics/Pre-Engineering or Year 2 program with instructor permission.

High School Credit Equivalency: 1.5 3rd Year Math, 3.0 CTE
**Third year math equivalencies may require sending district administrator or counselor approval. Check with your school counselor for more information. For specific school district equivalencies, see the Program Credit Equivalencies document located on the home page under "Programs".

College Credits (Subject to change):
Students who successfully meet course competencies, and have earned a grade of C or better, may be eligible to receive college credit from one of the institutions listed below: 

Bates Technical College -  up to 7 credits
Clover Park Technical College - up to 9 credits

Certifications: Locally-Developed Manufacturing Certificate, First Aid/CPR

Careers in this field:
Machinist - Assembler - Fabricator - Engineer - Laminator - Sheet Metal Worker - CNC Machine Tool Programmer

Aerospace Machining Syllabus ADA